Why Is Car Audio Equipment So Expensive?

car audio Austin

Can anyone figure out why car audio tools are so expensive? The stereo inside my two-year old car eliminate a month or more ago i have been quoted a cost of $1500 from my dealer for the replacement. Consequently, I have did start to try to find car audio and video equipment online, that we should buy and retrofit to my own, personal car and possibly stretch your budget. However, a lot of the auto audio supplies online are also very costly.

I have not a problem spending money on quality products, but will a car stereo really cost $2000? I am also thinking of getting a subwoofer as well as additional speakers, but some in the prices listed seem high. Does anyone determine if buying second-hand audio equipment for a vehicle is a good idea? I've looked over several listings on eBay for car stereos and the costs are more affordable, but obviously second-hand equipment will not have any type of guarantee, right? Also, can anyone recommend an excellent mobile entertainment equipment supplier? Ideally I am seeking an online supplier, when i reside in a rural area and don't like to travel much.
car audio Austin